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2014 Northeast Regional Championships Information package and Tentative Schedule
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2013-2014 Figure and Dance Requirements

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Ron A Roll in Vernon, CT will host the 2014 Regional Championships, June 28 - 30, 2014

The 2014 NEUSARS Regional Championships Information Package Rev 2. 04/21/14

Revised Tentative Regional Schedule Rev 2. 04/21/14

Schedule Rev 2 Replaces pages 7 - 9 of Information Package

Regional Application Package Mailing Deadline May 26, 2014


Invited judges for the 2014 Northeast Regional Championship

Dotty Walsh - Eastern Region
Jim Puracchio - Great Lakes Region
John Rangel - Great Lakes Region
Michelle Muckey - Southwest Pacific Region
Keith Ungricht - Southwest Pacific Region



2014 Northeast Region Preregional Championship Package Rev. B 022814

as of 04/08/14
Rev. A

Special Clarification:

After reviewing the original information packet for the pre-regional contest, we'd like to clarify the fees for the Newcomer and Rising Star events. All skaters in these events will be charged a "registration" or "sanction" fee of $10 per skater.

In addition, there will be an event fee for the Newcomer events of $10 for each event skated. (For example, a skater who registers for Newcomer Figures and Solo Dance would pay the $10 sanction fee plus $20 event fees, for a total of $30).

Please add Beginner Team Dance to the events, the dance will be the Glide Waltz

Kind Regards,
Tom Beebe - Meet Director


2014 RK Hudson Memorial Day Contest Meet Package



Updated National Championship schedule updated 032014



The Northeast Region Wants to Congratulate Our Latest World Medalists,
Katie Rodgers And The Northwest Pacific's Spencer Swetnam

2013 Junior World Bronze Medalists in Junior World Class Team Dance and their coach, Anthony DaPonte


Our 2013 Regional Photographer
Nicoletta Francesca

Contact her at nicoletta@brainchildphoto.com
Her business web site is www.brainchildphoto.com


Minutes from the October 19. 2013 Fall Regional Meeting


2013- 2014 Figure and Dance Requirements
09/24/13 Revised for typos only





Click the below link to see
2013 National Championship Results

Congratulations to Our Region's Medal Winners!
Congratulations to all our region's competitors!

You all make us proud! added 08/17/13






Click the below link to see
2013 Northeast Regional Results

Congratulations to Our Region's Newest RSA Gold Medal Winners! Tests taken at the 2013 Northeast Regional Championship in Beverly MA:
Samantha Kiley - American Solo Dance Gold Medal and Gold Medal Circle Figures
Linda Mackey - American Solo Dance Gold Medal
Jennifer Mudawar - Gold Medal Loops

A special Thank You! to John and Philomena Mullen, Host Professionals for their hard work during the regional and for running this year's gold medal tests. Also, thank you to the Beverly Skating Club Members who worked behind the scenes to make this a great championship. Finally, Thank you to all the volunteers who stepped up and filled in wherever they were needed to make this year's championship successful.

Tom Beebe - Meet Director




Hall of Fame

Skater of the Year

Gold Medal Hall of Fame

Click the links below to view

Northeast Region Skaters of the year as of 4/08/14

Northeast Regional Hall of Fame as of 04/08/14

Northeast Regional Gold Medal Hall of Fame as of 11/30/11



Special Announcements:

2014 NEUSARS Annual Awards Banquet Winners




2013 USARS Rule Book:

Link to Downloading 2014 Figure Rule book



Important Information:

The Northeast Region Bylaws

Ron A Roll in Vernon, CT will host the 2014 Regional Championships, dates:
Pre-regions - April 26 - 27, 2014
Regional Championships - June 28 - 30, 2014

2015 Northeast Regional Championships will be hosted by Carousel, Fairhaven, MA
Date to be determined.
2015 Pre-Regional Championships will run on Friday night and all day Saturday. April 3rd and 4th 2015


2014 Memorial Day Meet - Roller Kingdom Hudson, MA. - May 24th and 25th
2014 Thanksgiving Day Meet Carousel Fairhaven, MA Thanksgiving Weekend

Artistic Sessions and Stuff:

Silver City has an artistic session On Sunday Evenings from 5-7 pm.

If your rink has an artistic session and you would like it posted here contact Tom at tab06355@gmail.com



Northeast Regional Club Links:

If you have a club web site and would like it listed here, please contact Tom Beebe at the e-mail listed below.

Roller Kingdom Tyngsboro Skating Club

Plainfield Skating Club

Roller Kingdom Hudson Skating Club

Long Beach Skateland

Skateland Skating Club:

Rainbow Skating Club



Other Links:

USA Roller Sports

National Roller Skating Museum

Roller Skaters Gazette



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Contact: Heidi Permatteo mailto:hpermatteo@verizon.net
Contact: Diane Duke mailto:dduke@alumni.brandeis.edu
Contact: Monica Delvy mailto:monicadelvy@sbcglobal.net
Contact: Lynnette Cassio


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Minutes of the Regional Meeting November 27, 2010

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2011-2012 new figure and dances.

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